Do You Have A Chat Partner?

Chatting can be so fun, naughty and erotic! I met a beautiful young lady on EP who I was lucky enough to start chatting with. When chatting a person can let go, tell each other what’s really going on with their lives.
You can open up without any of the repercussions you run into in real life. Talk about your life, the problems you have in your current relationship, your kids. You will be surprised what you will tell someone in chat. It is like therapy.
Yes chat can get sexy and naughty, that is also one of the draws. Things can get dirty quickly. I have exchanged some pics with this beautiful woman and not just sexy pics, pics of kids and of life in general. It lets you get to know that person that much better.
We did exchange some sexy pics, if you have never fired off an email with nude pictures of yourself attached you should give it a try. It is a liberating feeling. I can attest to this because last week was the first time I ever sent a women a picture of my fully erect self. It is very good for your ego when she tells you she loved it and what she wants to do with it.
While chatting and having a dirty conversation last night, I jacked off and had one of the most intense ******* I have ever had alone! (Funny I did not feel like I was alone) I told her about every step of the way. I think there is a great release to chatting with someone you will probably never meet.
If you have not tried it, or do not have a chat partner or two. Give it a try.
KarlsHuman KarlsHuman
46-50, M
1 Response Sep 16, 2012

Me too love to chat all kinds of stuff.