Love To Chat But It Is Faggy

I have to say that I began chatting at least 8 years ago. In those days I used as my search engine and they had chat rooms. In those days I frequented the 40 ish room and always chatted with women. And as I have found out everyone you chat with has similar problems and desires. Now I am not silly enough to say I fell in love with someone online and I will admit to have cybered. Crazy as that is it is stimulating but for someone watching you they would laugh themselves to death watching a grown man jack off and type. As with all good things in life the web took down the chat do to abuse of some type. Now I tried yahoo but that site has way to much crap that comes up and was nothing like excite. So one day as I am sexed up I found a bi web site. Now let me say this I can have sex (cyber) with anyone. It to me is a form of ************ and it became a habit. Now entering this site is surely homo at some level. Getting into hot sexual talk to a person of the same sex is to most sick or unusual at least. On occasion when you chat you will come across the person in your area and that is where the line in my book is drawn. It appears most men alot in my age bracket go bi and to me that lifestyle is just to dangerous and a crazy sexed up man begging to meet you or even worse come to your house and or their house is down right dangerous.
I have always said listen you know this is all a fantasy which just gets me off and I am amazed at the people in this day and age that even try to reason with you. I say a cheater is a cheater and a same sex cheater is most likely more promiscuous than the average heterosexual. So my point is chatting is just like cheating but the moment you leave key board I think you are in the path of destruction. Not making any statement against others who do or will do . Caution and common sense would be a good rule to follow and of course always delete your history or it could be in the least very embarrassing
Darksideofme255 Darksideofme255
56-60, M
Dec 11, 2012