Husband Wants To Share Me....not Sure About This. Anyone With Experience?

My Husband wants to see me with another man. Part of this sounds very nice but I am affraid too. Anyone with any experience? Thanks
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If he wants to share you how much does he love you. I think its not right for him to want see you with another man its just sick in the head

I have experience and would love to talk with you about it.

You seem scared and unsure. Thing about love is that if they care, they wont make you do anything you dont want for their own gratification. End of.

I've been in similar scenarios. This might be little confusing to understand, lets start with, I am transgender (I can present a male or female persona at my will or leisure, though I prefer my female persona most). During my younger days. I was married to a woman and we were sexually curious as most young people were. We did try a relationship with another couple, and it was fun, but really complicates things as personalities got involved, we were friends an the male of that couple was a cheater to begin with and sought my wife outside of the couple thing.. We are now divorced. During my single years, I was involved in a few other combinations Male male female, Trans male female. Trans female female. (you could say I've seen the world from all sides, the good the bad, the pretty the handsome and the ugly. People can get pretty ugly :) My best advise it to talk with your husband about his expectations, your limits and the responsibilities of your play partner to each of you. Know that this is a fantasy that can turn sour, or turn fantastic for all of you. This is also a unusual request from a male. Typically they want two women. There are still many men who live or desire this kind of life style, It's called cucking. There is a turn on that they have from watching another man take control away from them. Or they feel inadequacy to satisfy or they just get off of being submissive. I would definitely explore his reasoning. It could be the best thing ever, or it could be a nightmare. It all depends on how imaginative you can be.

Okay me and my husband have done this a few times but with him being there of course. I had my experiences with really trustworthy good friends and I never saw any trouble with it. Like the other poster said, be wary of pushyness, jealousy (you never know), and pregnancy and std's. I would NOT suggest doing this with a stranger and I would think long and hard about this before doing it because if anything goes wrong, it can really screw with your relationship. However, if you decide that it is something you are comfortable with, then just enjoy! Also if I might add... some people just aren't into ********** (myself included) but if you would feel more comfortable with it, maybe partner swapping would be easier for you. Its more one on one and doesn't cause issue with who is paying more attention to who.

It's one of those things that could be awesome or horrible. The physical part will be awesome, two guys fawning over you, doing your bidding, catering to your every need, you ******* repeatedly for them, them ******* repeatedly in and on you... heavenly!

Some possible things that could make it turn sour though include you getting pregnant with someone else's child, the other guy getting pushy or rude or violent, another guy falling in love with you and pestering or even stalking you...

You should go with either someone you don't know, don't identify yourself to, and would unlikely ever run into randomly, or someone you know well enough to know they won't become problematic.