One Year

In the ninth grade, Jessica and I decided to go out for cheer, mainly because we had been watching them and it made us wet.
That was our problem. When we were supposed to be doing something, we were more interested in looking at and touching other girls.
Counting us, there were six cheerleaders that year. Jessica and I managed to get in two of the other four's pants. :)
And after the school year ended, the cheer coach invited us all to a party. :) Got to taste her that day. :)
But we didn't try out the next year. We just watched and waited for them to finish so we could have fun with them.
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Sorry to hear that you couldn't get the other two to join in the fun. I'm sure you had fun with the two that did join you though.

Another great story.

Wow there are some good stories to share form your cheerleading days,hope you shore them.

Please share your story about the cheer coach. How old was she? How that happened? Was it only you or was it a tag team effort with Jessica *grin*?<br />
<br />
Is Jessica on EP too?