I Got You Babe!

It's funny, I have that same album, which is this group's logo! Whoo-hoo! I love a lot of Cher's music... I can dance all day to "Believe" and I have her songs on my i-pod, of course! :-D

I do enjoy the old song, of Cher and Sonny Bono! And I've taken to call the guys that I am romantically close with, "babe". It's a sign that the guy is well loved by me! Heehee. I don't just call anyone babe! I don't call my friends "babe", even my best pals. Sorry, Philip! That's a title for my boyfriend only. Though... I have to admit, only one guy deserved that title so far. And that was Momo. =p

Ha! Now you see why I take that song, "Believe" to heart! XD

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Mar 26, 2009