If only, right? Hahaha...
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Grindhouse...yes. I think that totally qualifies. (And I liked the ending too!)

Would Grindhouse qualify as post apocalyptic chick flicks? More so Planet Terror than Death Proof. I mean, a lady with a machine gun leg, where else are you going to see that? does she pull the trigger on it? I must say the "I never miss" quote was pretty awesome...I don't want to spoil it but I liked the ending.

You so rock, Nonplus. : ) <br />
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(And clue me in on those post apocalyptic chick flicks...What is that? A girl, trying to make it on her own after the apocalypse, finds love with the guy who plants a garden with spare nuts and bolts and makes a sunflower bloom? Made for LMN, I tell you. I'm gonna write that script...)

I have only one thing to say: post-apocalyptic chick flicks. Fuuuuuggg yes.<br />
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Chick flicks are money. I couldn't do 30 in 30 days, but I could do "13 Going on 30." Dayum. Mix in a little Love Actually and anything with Mandy Moore in it and I'm set.<br />
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Also, Bright Star was rad.

*wants a daughter* : (

Tekk - yes they do! : ) <br />
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Lilt - Lifetime Movie Network. Bad acting at

Quit spelling around me! I'm a grown woman.<br />
What is LMN????

Ever notice how sometimes guys watching a chick flick, they get the same enjoyment...say if you were watching football and the guys were particularly hot. Like you actually are enjoying it but you get something a little extra. Especially college football because when they guys are resting on the benches or taking a little rest, they take of their helmets and fiddle with their jerseys LOL! Aaaand it's going to be football season! : D<br />
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Anyway, yeah. I've noticed they are more inclined if the lead is good looking...ha!

Hahah. Yes. I've been lured into the LMN trap a few times too. They're super cheesy and usually have bad acting. But you can't turn away. <br />
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I didn't read the blog... MrG will watch chick flicks with me, but if he is picking it out, it's post apocalyptic stuff or space stuff or manly movies. Which I like, most of the time. : )

LOL! Did you get to read the blog. It's pretty cute, lol... <br />
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I'm not so much into chick flicks as funny date movies. But sometimes we'll get all engrossed in the LMN movies, lol. There was one movie about a wedding dress that went from person to person and had a story with each person it was passed to, it was super cheesy but it was a cute story. It's so funny when you sit around with a bunch of dudes watching all kinds of movies...I can see them enjoying some cheesy chick flicks and it's soooo cute! Especially when a guy gets all gooey over films with puppies in them, ha ha!