Fried, Dumplings, Sandwiches. Salads & Value.

      I love chicken. I am preparing chicken & homemade drop dumplings for our evening meal tonight.  I cooked the entire whole chicken, so we will also have chicken sandwiches this week. The dark meet is  in the pot tonight. I love frying chicken but try not to prepare this meal to often. In the South I have to use my cast iron pans once a week & fried chicken is a big favorite. Left over chicken is the best & making salads, sandwiches, & egg rolls are my favorite weekend hobbies. Shop at local markets, cook in the kitchen & try new recipes as I am writing a cookbook. I will have more than chicken recipes. Balance the high cost of Large King Crab legs with an inexpensive chicken the next night. Flavor and value, what a great bird.

moonwalker moonwalker
46-50, F
May 18, 2008