I'm A Vegetarian And Do Faux Meat

I chose to be a vegetarian many years ago; I had a reason. But I still love the taste of chicken and it's my favorite meat, and when people around me have fried or baked chicken, especially fried, I can crave it, and I generally prefer chicken to beef.  It would be yummy fried especially.  But I don't eat real chicken anymore; whenever I have chicken or other meat, it's the veggie/soy kind for vegetarians.  I eat two varieties of "chicken" strips, enjoying them by themselves instead of in a salad or wrap or whatever.  One of the varieties, I like to bread with seasoned flour and then saute and it's very good.  I just saute and season the other kind, to mimic baked chicken.  I eat a particular variety of frozen breaded buffalo wings (veggie).  I notice that when regular restaurants have faux meat, it's usually a hamburger (veggie), while I prefer "chicken", but the hamburger is okay, I accept it.

MDenise MDenise
31-35, F
Dec 10, 2012