Searching For My Chi Baby!

Hi, I am a 22-year-old female college student! I have loved Chihuahuas a long, long time. When I was eight my sister (now 40) got a Chihuahua called Guerra (Weda, means white girl). I loved that dog so much! We were very close and she died and I still miss her! I have always wanted a Chihuahua of my own, but my mother and I have rented. Well, I finally got permission where I currently live to own one!


I am very excited, but I have had difficulty finding a Chihuahua in my area. I live in Alamogordo, NM. I would love to rescue a female. She would be loved, cared for, and be one of the greatest joys in my life! I would have hoped to find a Chihuahua (I'm looking to adopt and adult) by now!


Anyway, I love Chihuahuas for many reasons. The first reason is they're a big dog in a small body! They are fearless little guys! They're fiesty and I love that! They're also intelligent and cuddlebabies! I love nothing more than having my cheek licked and having a warm, furry little body on my lap!

Story Update:
I am now twenty-five and I found my Chihuahua baby. She came from a shelter, and I've had her two years. She was two when I adopted her. Her name is Mija. I am now twenty-five doing my master's degree. I am married :) and have two other dogs a German Shepherd named Olga and a Chin/Peke mix named Misty. Mija's birthday is in March the big five:) I love my little girl.

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Congrats on getting your baby I have herd the shelters in California are filled with chihuahuas if you seek another try there everyone fell in love with chihuahuas because of the movie but it wore off so the shelters are supposed to be filled with them I would try but my boy had his first litter and I kept his first baby so i'm good but my heart goes to California baby's stuck in cages waiting for a loving mommie or daddy. Good luck and congrats

I have three of these beautifully intelligent and loyal protectors. lol... my youngest (I raised a litter of 6 and I could not part with this one. I had to take care of them, their mother came down with eclampsia) is a 4pound small girl (toy) and she is indeed spoiled, as are her mother and the aunt. I only let one of my girls have puppies and since it almost cost her, a price that was too high in my opinion, her life, I will not breed mine anymore. It was her first, and last litter. I didn't lose not one pup (thanks to the grace of God) and even though I had three herniated discs in the upper part of my back, yet I managed to care for them 24/7. Truthfully, they were heaven sent, they helped take my mind off the worst of the pain at times. =) I gave them away to homes that I knew for 100% sure that they would be taken care of. I had the little one in Walmart when she was younger and a guy offered me $700 ! I told him he didn't have enough money, nor did any one else to get one of my dogs. They are FAMILY, the money meant nothing to me.

Happy you found your chihuahua baby!