I Just...

I just remembered some of the days when I couldn't get sleep...i would ask my mum to run her hands thru my hair and i would soon fall asleep...but if she stopped and i didn't sleep yet I would ask her i still need more :) I am grateful that I have had those simple yet loving childhood memories.
Today as I am tired so much from travelling from my country to US, and my head paining and eyes burning a bit...I still can't get sleep :( I just wish there was someone who would do that lovingly for me to get some rest..
papri papri
31-35, F
2 Responses Aug 8, 2012

You must've been one lucky little girl with such sweet memories!<br />
Can you try to imagine your mom there with you? <br />
I have a vivid imagination and comfort myself with nice thoughts to fall asleep.<br />

thank you...i remember all the memories of my childhood and adulthood...i don't forget incidents!

Awww...I wish we could be there and rub you hair..... I hope you got some sleep... :)

you are so nice :)