I'm Ten Minutes Bigger Daddy

My twin daughters were born just ten minutes apart, and they came five weeks early, and the older was born head first, and the younger was feet first or what is called a breech birth.

And I have always told her when we have talked about when she was born, that she came out feet first because she just couldn’t wait to get going and run to see what the world had for her, and whenever she told about it she would proudly say with a big smile that she came out feet first cause she wanted to run and see everything.

Although I have not seen them now in over a year, so I don’t know even if they have grown much at all, but the older “A” has always been about two centimetres taller than the younger “B”.

And when they were about six, they both made me drawings for father’s day, they each drew the three of us standing together and smiling, and I noticed that on “A’s” drawing she had two figures that were about the same height, and the other figure was about half the height of the other two, when I asked her what it meant she very matter of factly said that’s “B” daddy, cause she is ten minutes smaller than I am, I just laughed loudly and she did too, and I hugged her, I get tears in my eyes remembering these happy moments, Godbless you both my beautiful daughters.
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1 Response Sep 20, 2012

Children say the most beautiful things. It is the simple words that touch our hearts deeply and forever. I wish you a wonderful time with your daughters. May love always connect the tree of you.