You Catched Me Daddy

My daughters have always loved going to the playground, and there a quite a number to choose from where we live, including two that we can walk to from our home.

They called one the horsey park because it has a four person seesaw type thing that has four little horseys that you can sit on and bounce each other up and down, and the three of us have had some great fun on that over the years.

The other one they called the walky talky park, as we would walk to that one and talk along the way.

It was on one of these adventures to the walky talky park that I took the most important catch of my life.

As they were still little at the time whenever they were climbing anything, I was always close by, let’s face it you have to let kids be kids, and I have always let them do their thing, but you have to be there just in case.

How else can they learn, on this particular adventure my younger daughter was climbing on the monkey bars, and she was having a ball laughing and calling out to her sister to watch her, and I was right underneath, in fact she was only a couple of feet above my outstretched arms.

And yes she did, she fell, but straight into my arms, we both just looked at each other in surprise, and then she started to laugh loudly, and she said you catched me daddy, and yes daddy had catched her.

I just hugged her to me and told her that I loved her, then I put her down on the ground and she ran over to her sister who was close by, yelling out excitedly daddy catched me, daddy catched me.

And the funny thing about these two is that if one does or gets something with daddy then the other wants a turn too, and my older daughter was soon with me asking if I could catch her too.

From memory when we were having tea that night we were talking, when my younger daughter looked at me and said daddy you will always catch me won’t you, and I promised her that I would.

For the last thirteen months I have not been able to be there to catch my daughters.

I pray to GOD that I will be able to keep that promise, as I will always be there to catch either or both of them should they ever fall, no matter how old they are.


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Sep 23, 2012