I still giggle all the Time .I still stick out my tongue,at my frends.I skip wen im walkin,even wen Im holding my moms hand at the mall.. I talk to animals and im sure I hear them answer me.I get wedgys and giv them back.I start singin kids nursery rymes at anytime day or nite,cause I feel like it..I hug and kiss my mom and dad and we cuddle on the couch.I still get buble baths by mom and my sitter... I love childish things. Im stil a child inside even thou im a teen now...can you add mor childish stuff to my list?? The mor,the better..kaydee..
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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

more stuff? o ya i can. i suk my thum a lot. sleep with my plushy friends. do toy wars in the tub with my bro. like to be picked up and teesed by my dad. and carryd around at times. thats all for now haha .