Cute Little Things

My uncle was moving today (splitting from his wife, a long and idiocy filled story if I've ever seen one), so we (my dad, stepmom, and I) wound up with care of my 5 month old cousin, which was quite entertaining. For some reason of another (mostly having to do with the baby's being mesmerized at the sight of my "ALABAMA" sweatshirt), she wound up spending most of her time in my arms. I must say that she was quite an entertaining little girl, and very easily amused (She spent at least 15 minutes staring in wonder at the sight of herself in a mirror.). Anyway, there's just something about holding a baby that makes everything feel calm; it's a wonderful feeling, and it's hard not to smile with a baby.

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How sweet (both of you), it's so amusing to see how a baby reacts to their invironment, I love it =]

Good choice, you can do it!

Thank you, I rather see myself as bitter kind of young grown-up, but I'll set becoming sweet as my goal.

I wouldn't even think of scolding you, mylittleself. I was speaking to the baby and author, but I think you're cute too! Gent l991 is only a young grown-up, like yourself. I hope he's use to my teasing him!!

Hmm...Theshepherdess, it looks like you're scolding me, I hope I'm misinterpreting it now.<br />
<br />
Why yes,it's both but I don't have a habit of thinking of grown up people as sweet.<br />
I hardly ever get to see this soft/pure side of them. It's a pity...

I think so!

Perhaps both.

Awwww so cute...^_^<br />
<br />
eh, wait a moment am I talking about this child now, or the author of this story?lol

Meh, some people are suckers for kids, and some aren't. The key thing of importance is to make your decisions concerning whether or not to have children accordingly. If you hate kids, woman or man, it's probably better for everyone that you don't have them.

You know, not everyone appreciates babies the way you do. I think they're awe inspiring. I don't think my boys would know what to do if someone put a baby in their arms. Good for you!