Child Ego Knows How To Love ...they Are Just Nature, A Lifeforce!

This is so bad luck that I am never in contact with any child with whom i can spend long time. This is because i don't have my own sister. I've a brother of my own 4 years younger than me, but his story is different. I've a giant family living scattered, for which there are so many brothers &sisters who meet me in several occasions & it's so good feeling when a child is accepting you! I just always watch children whenever i see. It's vary good feeling, must try it! So many happy moments are there, just allow me to share one.

I was in a nursinghome then, just for check up. A boy, may be age of 5 was there with her mom & also other ppl waiting for the same purpose. Many of them wanted to talk to that quite & cute child but he was very shy. He didn't make a sound even after her mother requested. But different was his expression through eyes! I was watching & he was also watching me!:) It seemed this angle can speak everything by his eyes. It might sound like anything but i can't explain what were there, curiosity and something more. It was so living!
I wish someday i may able to look after one or more children. Every time i spend with children is evergreen.
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Pooja111, children do understand love and hate:)...

Thanks Padmanabhan09....I'm not sure if it'll happen...but thank U sooo much..