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I'm in the classroom the other day and sitting on one of those mini little kid chairs. The teacher is in the rocking chair and all the children are engulfed in story time while they sit on the carpet. The kids are now used to me being around and most have grown rather comfortable which translates into more silly. I spend my day helping out, tying shoes, making up rhyming games for their lesson, getting tons of hugs, "can I hold your hand" and more.

One little boy, who loves to make faces and giggle at me, is on the carpet just staring at me. By the look on his face he's dying to ask me a question but my guess is my name has left his mind. I'm sitting there looking at him like "okay what" and he's doing his best Cheshire cat grin while he thinks as hard as he can. Just as I look away it suddenly comes out, "uuhh hey you..." I looked back at him and repeated him and the look on his face was confusion. He started to giggle and said it again and so I leaned in from my chair. He was about 4 feet away and kinda backed up not knowing what I was going to do. I went straight to the floor, crawled over repeating the whole time "hey you... hey you". Crawling like a big growly lion and making silly voices. I guess you just had to be there but it was funny and silly and soon the entire class was crawling around being wild animals. (the book was finished so we were safe)

I know, I'm a dork

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*giggles* mee tooooo! Another little girl fell during tag on the field and cried as if her leg were going to explode. I ran over, grabbed her by the ankle, made a big gasp and said "Oh my goodness it's so bad I'll need to take the leg with me" and then began to pull lightly. She giggled so hard she forgot about the booboo! Cracked me up!

i love kids. they have a special place in my heart!

You are not a dork, I spend almost all my waking moments with kids, not just my own. I love being in the classroom helping out.