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Few days ago in Croatia the media wrote the story about a 9 years old girl named Jagoda.This is her story..

"I am unhappy when I spend time with my daddy because I don't like when he is touching me.I don't like it when my daddy is cuddling me.He takes his clothes off and says I have to sleep with him.Then when I go to sleep he is doing something to me that is hurting me.I tell him that he is hurting me but he continues.Mommy saw what he is doing to me and said "I am sorry ,but I don't know the number of the police."My brother told me that daddy is also doing that to him."

These words little Jagoda told to a psychologistjust around the New Year,in a conversation about when she is happy and when she is not happy.On the four pages of paper,this little girl opened up her soul.

For the first time after three years,the child whom in the 2006 the experts called "the screaming case of abuse" has spoken up about the horrible events that she had to live through from a person who was supose to be her defender against all evils..her own father.

This story ended up in the court,but the monster of a father was free to go.

This story is known to every legal institutions in Croatia.

A very dear friend of mine and a couple of his friends started a group on facebook.The main goal of this group is to prevent Jagoda's return to her parents.(She was for a time fostered by her aunt Ljubica).The group managed to recruit over 64 000 members in a matter of few days.I ask of you this..There is a petition circling facebook and other sites,it even got to Croatian newspapers.The petition is signed by 4000 people.They need more...I understand that most of you are not from Croatia,but I assure,each and every signed petition counts.Please help these people to help this little helpless girl by signing the petition.This is a link to the group on facebook,though it is in Croatian be rest assured,every member is more then welcome to join.


This is the link to sign the petition


I will now explain how to sign it,since it is in Croatian.

First box field that is marked with a red star-Here you write your name and surname.

The second box field that is marked with a red star-Here you write your address.

The third box field that is marked with a red star-Here you write the city you live in.

The fourth box field that is marked with a red star-Here you write your e-mail address.

The fifth box field that is marked with a red star-Here you write the date and the year of your birth.

The sixth box field is not marked with a red star,it is optional-Here you write your phone number.

In the end you just click the "Pošalji" button so that the petition can be signed.

Please take just few minutes of your time to help,it can change the life of little Jagoda.

Thank you in advance...

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1 Response Feb 9, 2010

In which day can I find it in newspaper, jutarnji.hr or else?