Blessed to Have a 6 Year Old Son

Great Logo choice for this group Tasmin!    Leo Lionni is one of our favorites, but our list is very very long.  Eric Caryl, Sendak, my mother - too many to name, plus I am a lousy speller - of names that is.

I am grateful my son loves books.  I probably get as much joy, if not more out of every book we read/look at together.  We read at least 4 books each day and have since he was born.  I always appreciated Children's Picture Books, but never had a reason to buy them (or an excuse).  Now, I buy way too many, but only ones that I know we will probably read for life and check out TONS from the library that we don't need to own.

Maybe we should start a list of "recommends" in  your group?  What do you think?


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When my kids were little they loved Mercer Mayer's series of Little Critters books. Are they still popular?

Yes .. I often listen to stories on long journeys instead of music .. love listening to a good reading voice.

You have peaked my interest - another recommend for me. Thank you.<br />
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I have a very bad recent habit of listening to books on my ipod. I have to be careful, because it makes me lazy. Thank goodness my son will never allow me to stop reading! <br />
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I have to admit that there is something very self-indulgent about being read to - I love a good narrator/reader.

Yes .. I also have his autobigraphy ' Between Worlds' that I am in the middle of reading. Leo was a very interesting man ..

We have it, we love, we read it often. My son instantly recognizes any book by Leo Lionni. Isn't his work fabulous?

My favourite (check spelling I'm English!) at the moment is ' A colour of His Own' by Leo Lionni .. but I have all his books. .. especially love his water colours!

I am a lucky girl - with so many beautiful friends.<br />
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Here's two for the list:<br />
<br />
1.) Walter the Farting Dog - Trouble at the Yard Sale<br />
By: William Katzwinkle & Glenn Murray<br />
Illustrated by: Audrey Colman<br />
<br />
2.) How the B-52 Cockroach Learned to Fly<br />
By: Lisa Matsumoto<br />
Paintings by: Michael Furuya<br />
<br />
Keep it coming.<br />

nice story i will have to think of one to reccomend!

Thanks Destry. We will add it to our "Check it out of the Library List"<br />
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This is too fun :)