Everyone In South America Thinks My Dad Is Superman

So, in 2001 my dad and I went with a group of 20 people down to Chile for a missions trip.  We flew into Santiago, stayed one night in Rancagua, and then drove down to the mountains in an area called Chacayes.  We were across the river from the world's largest copper mine with only a generator for electricity - which was not run all the time - and a trickle of water for a shower.

Anyway, we got to spend a day in San Antonio.  First, some random clown performing on the street runs up to my dad and sticks his arms out like he's flying and yells "Superman!" 

Then, we went to a reception with the Mayor of San Antonio and her husband.  We were sitting at a table and he walks up and starts shaking my dad's hand and was talking so fast I couldn't understand him.  One of the other interpreters leans over to my dad and says "He thinks you are superman."

 Everywhere we went, people would put their arms out like they were flying and would say "Superman!"

And then the killer.  After a 14 hour flight back to Atlanta, when we were getting off the plane, the stewardess, with a straight face, looks right at my dad and says "See ya later, superman".

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Great story ... I'm jealous ... would love to visit that part of the world ... Patagonia also fascinates me and Central America too.