How Can It Be?

I'm a creature of habit. I pretty much order from the same Chinese Restaurant for years. Even though he doesn't deliver in the area that I work at, he does because I give him so much business. Everytime I have ordered, the food has been great!

It's too hot to cook today (everyday!) so we decided to order for delivery. Everything we ordered today we've had before so we know how delicious it's suppose to taste. I say suppose because TODAY the food was horrendous. The HOT and SOUR soup was bland and tasteless. I ordered shrimp with chinese vegetables in garlic sauce..they cooked it with a red sauce that didn't taste like anything. It just gave my food color. My daughter's shrimp chow mein consisted of maybe 3 shrimps and onions.

I call the restaurant back and talk to the owner. I ask him if he has a new guy cooking and he says no. I tell him that I was so disappointed and disgusted with the food. He's swearing up and down that everything should have been fine. I told him if I wasn't so hot and tired that I would drive over there and make him taste everything just to prove a point.

HE says the next time I give him a big order from work, mine would be free. I said well I hope that you cook it right when you do because then you won't be hearing much from me after that.
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1 Response Jul 22, 2010

They change the cook or try to cut down on the ingredient thats for sure.. I am Singaporean and i know what i am talking.. i also know how to cook and often dine out with friends at chinese restaurant. When things like that happen at any of our regular restaurant we keep ourselves well informed. Your story reminds me of a few bad experiences we had..