And The Ritual Of It!!

I live in a small city and therefore the Chinese restaurants here are all run by families of the nationality!!!

The food is always made from scratch and tastes amazing.  These families really work hard together and have their own roles.
I like how close they are and the way that they get along.  Family is important to them.

The restaurants are also decorated with art from that culture as well.  Which is very interesting to me as well.

I love the way that the meal is served as well.  They come in courses.

The won ton soup first.
Then they come and replace the empty dishes with egg rolls.
Then once again they bring the main course.

I like how it slows the meal down and gives you time to enjoy the company that you are with.

The people are always friendly and work hard to make sure you enjoy your visit.

I don't know how to use chopsticks but think it may be fun to learn although it may be a little messy! LOL

The whole experience is always relaxing and enjoyable.
I always go home full with leftovers.

Chinese Food is one of my favorites!!!
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I love too, and they are healthy

Omg I totally LOVE Chinese food. :)

I love eating out at Chinese restaurants. I love going to good quality buffets as you can try a little of everything.

I enjoy them as well but I tend not to go to the buffets much because I can't eat the value that I pay for that meal. I am kind of thrifty that way. :)

All my Chinese food now is leftovers from The Woman Who... lives upstairs. I probably haven't had a sit down meal in a Chinese restaurant in well over ten years.<br />
Ah, but thirty years ago, I lived in Chicago near its China Town. We ate Chinese regularly, but not always in the same restaurant. So good!

Now that would be an awesome experience for me.