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Yum Cha

The fantastic Cantonese tradition of combining  dim su dishes with tea is very appealing to me. Dim su means literally "point of the heart", and it is supposed to be a meal to share with good friends and family using small portions and in general high quality ingredients. Of course at some places, especially in big Chinese cities it is also sold as fast food, so it cointains a lot of saturated fat and sodium. However, the restaurant I visited a month ago in Rotterdam was traditional and "slow food".

We got immediately lost in the surprisingly long list of dishes, and decided to order things we had not tasted before (at least in a Chinese restaurant). The different plates can be classified in dumplings, buns, rolls and cakes. For dumplings we had shaomai, stuffed with prawns and with mushroom sauce, then what is known as phoenix claws (an elegant named for deep fried chicken feet with bean sauce), a water chestnut cake, stomach with garlic sauce, intestines stuffed with crab, and a sweet egg tart.

While my partner started out as bold and daring, he soon grew confused and surprised at all these flavours. He particularly disliked the stomach because of its texture, but he enjoyed the chicken feet because it was very tender and savoury.

About the yum cha part, I saw a crysanthemum tea on the list and ordered it immediately because I had not had it for many years. It was a wonderful experience and now we must go again and try other combinations :-)
sweetmeisje sweetmeisje 26-30, F 6 Responses Jan 31, 2012

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"point of the heart" = 点心(Chinese Simple) = 點心(Chinese Traditional)

I find it interesting how you can experience eating with such enthusiasm! Always a joy!

It is fun to enjoy things passionately :-)

I like Chinese food, but hold the chicken feet.<br />
: 0

Hahaha yes... when you hear they are chicken feet it sounds horrible, but I promise you these are nice.

Not for the chicken.

anything spicy and in a stir fry.

Mmmm yes, do you prefer pork or chicken or beef?


What would you like? I am hungry too!

I want some...