Two Particular Chinese Restaurants

There's China City Buffet in my area, and Cajun Ming (used to be Cajun Grill) which is in the food court of at least one local shopping mall.  At China City Buffet, I love the: fried rice, lo mein, creamed potatoes (potato pieces), and fried sweet bread.  I make sure not to get too big of portions.  At Cajun Ming, I love the: lo mein, potatoes, and broccoli with brown sauce.  (I'm a vegetarian.)  The lo mein and the sauce on the broccoli are excellent.  I love how they are seasoned.  And both restaurants are low-cost compared to other restaurants.  I can get a meal for $5-something or around there.  I decided to make Chinese food some time, also. 
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3 Responses Feb 12, 2012

Sounds great I Like Chinese food too and I'm also a vegetarian.

lol, I always made fried rice and lo mein as dessert in the afternoon when I was young.<br />
Now, my wife enjoy these what I make every morning for her.

Fried rice for breakfast? Oh really, I enjoy anything anybody cooks fdor me.....that's so nice of you.

my wife put on 15 kilogram weight since met me

You are making me hungry for stir fry! Lol....maybe lunch tomorrow.

: )

Enjoy it!