Chinese Food

As I am Chinese, of course, I grew up eating this wonderfully delicious food. I used to be fascinated by the way my mom or my aunties do their preparation of the various dishes. When my children were growing up( they have all flown the nest now) I too would cook the same dishes for them. Now I see my daughter cooking these same dishes for her children too ..its great to see traditional dishes passed on from one generation to the next and to the next..its important to remind ourselves of our roots by way of food.
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yes, why not ...please leave me your email address and we can exchange some recipes ..that would be fun

I love Chinese food also. I've had some great Chinese food in the USA and more often, not so great Chinese food. I've also had some great eats of Chinese in the Philippines and Hong Kong. Some of the best I've had was when I visited macau,china.<br />
I also love to cook, and I've tried so many times to make chinese dishes myself, but they just don't seem to be of the same quality and taste.. Would you like to share some receipies with me here? I'de really enjoy that.<br />
thanks,<br />