Growing Popularity Of Chinese Food In India

The growing popularity of Chinese food in India has many reasons. The taste appeals to a large cross section of the population. Rich and poor, young and old, men and women all like their Sweet Corn Soup and that is why you can see Chinese Food Restaurants of all grades beginning from restaurants in five star hotels with fancy Chefs flown in from China to shacks and food carts on the roadside.

The easy process of making the popular Chinese dishes is also another bug reason for its popularity. One does not need elaborate cooking appliances or long and drawn out processing. One large wok with a gas cylinder and a chopping board with sharp chopping knives are all that one needs. The quick cooking time and the light ingredients that are not harsh on the digestive system give a sense of freshness and health which adds to the popularity of Chinese food in India.

But be not fooled by this apparent illusion of health! The seasoning that is commonly used in this cooking is MSG or aji-no-moto which has been proved to cause cancer. As awareness is growing, many Chinese food Restaurants specifically mention that they do not use this dangerous ingredient that gives Chinese food its distinctive taste. Many clients in Chinese food restaurants ask if this ingredient is being used and request that it should not be used in the preparations that they order if it is not mentioned explicitly on the menu or elsewhere that they do not use MSG.

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