Always Up For Chinese Food

  Love the stuff, my favorite is beef broccali, crisp broccoli, beef tender and seasoned to perfection, I always get double hot.... sooo good ! there is only one thing I insist on when eating chinese I have to use chop sticks, try it, it's so the thing to do. Ok , yes when I eat Italian I like to hear Italian music and drink wine with my meal.
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56-60, F
3 Responses Jun 29, 2007

I like chinese food too much to waste time with chop sticks, give me a spoon to shovel it in.

Oh, Italy..... So beautiful. My husband and I spent about a month driving through out Italy, then took a hop over to Sicily, that is where I found the cooking I grew up with. Oh the smells of the various dishes and pastries. The beauty of the people so friendly. I hope you get to go some day.

I love chinese food to, my favarite is chichen lo-mein I will kill for it. I use to live with the best Italian cook ever and that is why I was just diagnosed with diarrheaitis.