How Bout Mexican Chinese?

 I really do love authentic Chinese food. 

But around here (Michigan), if you peeked in the kitchens, you'd see the cooks were Mexicans! I was wondering why there were jalapenos in the kung pao Chicken.

I just make my own and try to get it as authentic as I can.

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I love too, Ican make Chinese Food,theya re healthy than fried food.

Yes, unfortunately what we call Chinese here is Canadianized/Americanized....the food is not culturally correct, if you will...but then neither is Mexican here, et al.<br />
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I did however have REAL chinese food at a Chinese wedding like 30 yrs ago, and it was fab. Shark fin soup, noodles, meat, rice and many authentic pastries as name it. Very good, and never had it like that since.

now that's funny!

One of the best Chinese food rest. that I ever went to was in that was odd....It looked Chinese...The waiters looked Chinese....But none of the spoike Chinese...Only Spanish....With a spanish accent.....<br />
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Boy did I give a double take at that place....hehehehe

I hate to admit but I get around that by eating slow and more! I might get very full but it really laasts long.<br />
It also depends what kind of chinese you eat. The kind with a few teaspoons of meat and a ton of vegetables don't stick with you.