Veggie Menu

Since I'm a veggie, I usually eat lomain or fried rice. This food is sooo greasy and salty and unhealthy and... but I love it so much!

Of course I eat it like once in several months, although I wish I did it more often (if only it was a healthy as eating fruits and veggies). Sometimes life is a pain in the butt.

misasja misasja
26-30, F
2 Responses Jul 7, 2007

Oh, I'm not depriving myself at all. I guess I don't need much variety anyway. I could order eggrolls or other stuff, but I just particularly LOVE lomain. What can I do:)

try the beef broccolli with out the beef, sauce has great flavor and its has crisp broccoli and it is usually comes with rice. try it , if you like hot tell them to add pepper and it should be great. don't deprive yourself, you can create a healthier meal. Enjoy !