I Could Eat Some Chinese Food Now

I can always eat Chinese food.   I could be home alone waiting to watch  a good movie, and there goes my door bell...mmm good smelling chinese food and sitting comfortably in front of the telly.,,,,Oh yes,,,I've got a hot date with MYSELF and my cat!


csan csan
61-65, F
4 Responses Jul 17, 2007

I eat Chinese food at least once a month and sometimes twice. I enjoy lemon chicken, pork & mushroom fried rice, almond chicken guy ding, beef with green peppers, beef chow mein, and honey garlic spare ribs. Oh my gawd I could go for a plate of this right now! Yummy.

Sounds like some cozy fun to me! Chinese smellllls heavenly.. mmmm

WHEN YOU HAVE GOOD CHINESE FOOD ... nothing else is needed, Oh maybe chopstix

hmm, Your story has me thinking that it has been to long since my last date with Mu-Shu pork.