I love the way it melts in my mouth and how it coats my throat, leaving behind  its thick milky sweet remnants. I could enjoy the taste of chocolate on my  tongue every day if I could get it. MMMM milk chocolate or dark chocolate, it really doesn't matter to me. Just give it to me.

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Chocolate is nice, tasty and erotic,especially if it can be eaten off you.Mmmmm

You are right about that.

I bet you can't just have one!


lol hahaha yes that is true

Isn't it though but aren't all my stories and comments interesting to someone? lol

lol omg!!<br />
<br />
well this is a very interesting thread of comments lol

hehe! ((fungirl blushes))

Everyone thinks my post is naughty. Hehe since when have you known fungirl to be naughty? LOL

Wow....... You Naughty girl..........

Can I have some with caramel inside please?

LOL you are naughty. I could ask you to prove it runs down that far but I am blushing too much right now to do anything.

I got chocolate running down my leg... love the story...

LOL MMMM I love me some chocolate and erotica lol. Two of my fav things.

You make eating chocolate sound like an erotic experience fungirl. Which it is! LOL I love this post. Thank You!

deal. lol. <br />
<br />
how many would u prefer? and omg in about 5 mins check out my lol album i have funny pineapple pics lol

i won't if you buy me lots of pineapple.

lol hehehe shhhhhhhhhhhhhh<br />
<br />
dont tell anyone

hehe. you are a very naughty girl.

lol mmmm i was actually eating chocolate cake and cupcakes tonight hahaha...<br />
<br />