Only Memories

My first Chocolate Covered Strawberries experience me and my bf went to a chocolate factory and he told me what do i want, caramel apple or Chocolate Covered Strawberries so i chose Chocolate Covered Strawberries and he brought 1 dozen of them. we take them to a nice romantic place in old town we sit on the grass he lean his back to a huge tree and i lean my back to his chest and my head to his shoulder and we looking at the view there was a big beautiful lake, so i feed him with this strawberries, he bite haft and the rest i eat it, his hand around my neck and the other hand  running his finger on my hair, and he told me babe i am loving this with you, please feed me one more with Chocolate Covered Strawberries so i feed him and this time he feed me back and he told me babe you had a chocolate on your lips let me clean up for you. so he kissed me nice and gentle, and he said i love you very much you are so beautiful in and out, i love your personality you are such a good, and caring person, if you break up with me i will hate you forever, that day was so beautiful and we both had a great time ever. even we are break up now but he said he still remember this day and will never forget. Special Thanks to a Chocolate Covered Strawberries.
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1 Response May 15, 2012