Chocolate Slavery

You know, very often we get the finished product in a package and we don't bother thinking how it came about.  We find it on the shelves, buy it and enjoy it.  I never thought I would have qualms over a bar of chocolate, especially me.  However, after watcing a video on how chocolate is made I don't think I will eat another bar of chocolate without looking back at what I saw.  There's a lot of blah blah blah on paper and by word of mouth, regarding rights and needs.  And yet, it's power and money that will move mountains in the end.  I was searching on slavery for students I teach at school and I entered a website, re slavery.  I got chocolate slavery.  It showed that the Ivory Coast is the largest producer of chocolate in the world.  Production of chocolate in this country amongst others is done by child slavery.  Kids from 9 to 12 years are sold in chocolate slavery.  If they ever escape, the physical, mental and emotional harm inflicted can never be erased.  These kids never taste the end result of their production or get paid for what they do.  Since they're at a distance it's easy to avoid their existence.  And yet, there's one thing which can topple over any power, and of course, make chocolate taste once again enjoyable.  It's the masses - when a large mass of people group together to make a difference, and they usually do.  Chocolate slavery can also be defeated in this way.

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Read my post on making your own chocolate but do understand where your coming from

Let me tell you something though I once worked in a chocolate factory and also an Ice cream factory and I do not ever want to see a batch of chocolate to eat lol

Or Ice cream I enjoy making it but rarely eat either because you just get sick of it.

I know what you mean about slave labour but mostly those kids will not wish to eat what is made they would prefer a good meal.

Children were and still are used as slave labour in a lot of things.

in our Western world though they get too much and have very little appreciation of what is given to them they take so much for granted.


well neeran we're in a group, don't you think if we all agree we can do something about it?

Yes, I too have heard about the chocolate slavery in Ivory Coast, It was heart wrenching. : (