What Can I Say?

I just love it! If I could I'd eat loads of it. Unfortunately I can't because I gain weight too easily.
andreanoir andreanoir
26-30, F
4 Responses Oct 9, 2006

Tell me about it! I love chocolate. I even wrote a poem about it :)

Don't miss out on enjoying chocolate just because it makes you fat. I love getting fat and eating chocolate --win-win for me!

same here! i gain weight so easy it's ridiculous :( but i do love chocolate...dark is my fav but come on, how can you go wrong with any kind of chocolate?! :)

I love chocolate too but it does put on the weight! I am going on a diet, but I have two bars of chocolate in the cupboard - should I eat them both as quickly as possible, or should I just have a couple of squares now and again as a treat? <br />
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The trouble is that a couple of squares leads to another couple! Mind you, if I had a couple of pieces now and again then if I had withdrawal symptoms then I could always have a piece more. <br />
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Then, when all the chocolate has gone I will have to avoid the chocoate aisle in the supermarket, which means that I would not be able to go there to buy some chewing gum. <br />
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Oh! heck! Perhaps I had better save myself all this aggro and not go on a diet after all!!