Dark Chocolate Vs. Women

1. Drk Chocolate tastes so good but so do many women.
2. The smell of chocolate makes my mouth water. The scent of a woman makes my knees weak.
3. Drk Chocolate is addictive. Some women can be as well.
4. Drk Chocolate soothes the soul. Women tear your heart out!
5. I dream of being locked in a Godiva store for the weekend. I dream of being on a deserted isle with a sexy lady.
6. I savor chocolate and taste it slowly. I do this same with women.
7. Drk Chocolate gives me no drama. Women are nothing but drama!

Dark Chocolate wins!!!! Unless a lady can prove otherwise!!!

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7 Responses May 23, 2011

I love dark chocolate two, but remember. You spend the rest of your life with your wife and like ten minutes with a chocolate bar.

Dark chocolate + time = oxidation into strange texture and looking old and gray<br />
Dark chocolate + heat = melted into weird unattractive state not pleasing to look at<br />
<br />
Woman + time = mellowed with age looking old and gray...<br />
Wait. <br />
<br />
Oh, now I see what you're saying. <br />
Chocolate is better than sex. Good luck with that. <br />
<br />

A woman can give you more pleasure in a few moments than Dark Chocolate.

Gee, we ladies lose to dark chocolate?<br />
lol reading your comparisons bring a smile. It is true that women bring drama but too much chocolate brings you obesity!

I don`t do drama, I hate drama, also I don`t rip hearts out ( not figuratively at least mwahahahaha ).

You need to meet the right woman who shares your love of chocolate! That is when you will have met your match.

Men actually like having their heart ripped out dramatically. That must be why they keep coming back for more!