Unadulterated Bliss

I reached for you without any hesitation and I must reminisce.
You tempted me with your promise of sweet unadulterated bliss.
This temptation sometimes cannot be controlled, almost everyone can relate.
This temptation I write of can strike most of us from nine to ninety, so do not hate.
This temptation I write about is the magical food we call chocolate, and it's a great sensation.
Chocolate comes in an array of sizes, colours and flavours, to my great frustration.
There is milk, Swiss, dark, white, and a vast array of other flavours of chocolate for us all to try.
On this temptation I cannot lie, but if I don't get any chocolate soon I feel like I might just die.
There is even chocolate covered bacon to my fascination.
Oh chocolate, you lure me with the greatest temptation.

I read this during the week so I am now sharing it with you.....
justsayinso justsayinso
36-40, F
Oct 22, 2011