You May Get Sick

So one year in highschool we had this most awesome time during lunch. We played dare. Eh! sounds boring, but it was fun it was great. We would dare each other to try different combinations of foods and then tell us what they thought. A cookie with salsa ... uh ... that one was actually pretty gross. But that is only one of many combinations that we tried. Although ... my favorite .... okay so get ready to gag ..... chocolate ... with mustard! .... I know ... gross disgusting and insulting to chocolate in the first place. But I had never tasted something like that ever. And I actually liked it. But the taste varies with the kind of chocolate .... I obviously went home and experimented with different kinds. and Hersheys chocolate is the one that tastes the best. I know I know .... I may have just ruined the taste of chocolate because chocolate doesn't need to be eating with anything else. It needs to be indulged just as is. But man ..... don't knock it till you try it. =) I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!
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Yellow or Honey Mustard?

thats funny because i've tried that too! i used to eat mustard on everything. try it on chocolate icecream.

Thank you for your story, I will be sure to check it out :)