Chocolate Has Cockroach Feces In It.

Hi everyone,
Here is a newspaper article I found in our local newspaper. read it and be informed.

CHARLOTTE, NC (News Line)-The government recently released a report that all chocolate, imported into the country, can only contain a maximum of 4 PPM of cockroach feces. Many people have already discovered this revelation when they went to their allergists to be tested for allergies. These individuals found out about the fecal issue when their scratch tests came back positive for the insect droppings.

Doctors assure their patients there is nothing to be alarmed about. There is no harm done in persons with a healthy immune system. However, doctors caution that those with compromised immune systems, like the young, elderly and those with respiratory problems could be at risk of developing complications. In other events, researchers have found that eating chocolate in excess causes Triscodecomalitis. Triscodecomalitis causes incurable acne in suseptible populations. As the acne progresses, Triscodecophytes enter the pimple and can cause severe scarring and tissue loss. The only cure for the disease is to ********** frequently, preferably in groups. Contrary to the old wives tales, ************ will not cause acne, hair to grow on your palms, you will not go blind, nor will you go insane.

Well, I for one, am no longer going to eat any chocolate, I don't want zits and I believe that ******* and stroking off will make an imbicile out of you. Diddle yourself at your own risk! What do you think?
HersheySquirter HersheySquirter
46-50, M
May 5, 2012