Chocolate And Me.

When it comes to chocolate, I just stand speechless. My feelings are so delicate, intense and sweet to capture and put them down on a paper.

Having chocolate is not as having a piece of dark or light colored sweet that have a smooth texture. It’s a soulful event. It starts by choosing the best quality chocolate, and to me, this is would be Chocolate Patchi. It’s not too sweet, not really dark; it’s velvety and sets everything right. It’s like a ballet dancer. It moves and brings that feeling. It feels like a colorful butterfly in an open green yard full of roses and flowers. It feels like naughty rain drops playing over the rainbow or may be an orchestra playing music from your dreams.

It’s the key to serenity and joy.
I feel chocolate with every nerve in my body. I feel it melting, deep into my soul. It’s so satisfying, fulfilling and heart soothing.
Chocolate carries me on a cloud, to my wonderland. So having chocolate is not just a habit, it’s a real festival of sensuality for my soul.

Have you ever dreamt of chocolate??
Here is the interpretation of dreaming of chocolate:

A dream, in which you see chocolate, means that you can provide prosperity to those people who depend on you. To see chocolate sweets leads to good business partners and successful work. If a chocolate will be unpalatable, after such dream will follow diseases and disappointments. If in a dream you drink hot chocolate, then fate prepared for you a lot of happiness after the end of a given period of troubles and privations.

  It’s important to mention that I only have it once in a week, and I take a bite or two. May be more if am stressful. It’s a real bliss.
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Now you are becoming racist. :-P
Yes, I agree with you, black is beautiful even in humans some times.

All the time