I Need It Badly

In the last few hours I have been silently scrounging the house looking for chocolate. I go through this sometimes. I just have to have it. I don't care if it's dark chocolate, but I prefer milk chocolate with nuts....any kind of nuts. Sigh. I found the Hershey's syrup bottle in the fridge....it was empty. The girls and I will be having a discussion about that later. My hidden stash of Oreo Double Stuffs has been pilfered too. I feel that there must be some kind of conspiracy going on.....I may have to tickle torture the details out of my children.

My teenage kids just don't understand what chocolate represents to me. Chocolate equals Sex. I cannot have "relations" with who I want right now, and since I don't want anyone else....it's time for chocolate. I guess I could go to the store, but I fear that my need will be written all over my face and body. And the sound that I might make with that first bite....well, it could be quite embarrassing. I absolutely love chocolate.
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2 Responses Aug 26, 2012

Yes, yes, yes!!!

I was the same way last night. So I made triple chocolate brownies. Yum!