My Favorite Chocolate Bar

Choxxie dark chocolate, raspberry, lemon biscotti MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMm
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What are you trying to do, make me go find my hidden Macadamia Caramel Clusters? Are they ever good. You can find them at Costco. "SAVE THE EARTH - IT"S THE ONLY ONE WITH CHOCOLATE ! " It's only fair that you tell me where to buy Choxie chocolates.
I have a favorite chocolate story: My parents took us to visit our Great Aunt Cynthia near Olympia, WA. She wanted us to also go visit her son, Wilmont Ramsey, ( I may have his name reversed) and his wife who had a small house on Puget Sound. They had a sail-boat and he asked us girls (three sisters) if we wanted to go out for a little sailing. That sounded like a great adventure, so away we sailed. The only problem was that we ran out of wind. He had an outboard too but it wasn't working. We didn't take any provisions for an overniter, but dear cousin Wilmont was a retired Chocolatier. He brought out a can of his home-made chocolates that he stored on board, and we thought we could live forever on his boat.
The next morning, the wind picked up and we made it back. I think my Dad wished that he had been invited.
He didn't have a lot of fun when he was a kid, since his Mom died at age 24, they hadn't discovered insulin yet. Her maiden name was Rae E. Dunlap, born in 1891. So how good are Mormons at tracing family history? If you look her up, don't broadcast who
I am. Actually she would have had 4 grand-daughters, and three grandsons. But of course, she didn't even get to watch her son and daughter grow up. My oldest sister wrote "Dancing With Mules," a history of how wheat farming developed in SE Washington. I don't know if many towns have such a complete history of small farming communities
At least we have geneology as common ground. How else would we be able to find all of our loved ones in the earthly resurrection?
I saw all of your critics and I feel sorry for them. We don't go around bashing other people for their beliefs, we try to find common ground. My husband used to be a nit-picker. He would say, J.W's might have some of the truth, but nobody has all of it. Proverbs 4 : 18 says "But the path of the righteous one is like the bright light that is getting lighter and lighter until the day is firmly established. I like the rest of that chapter too. We differ in our beliefs but I can honestly say, you and Madres, are the nicest young gentlemen that I have met on EP, as speaking from a grandmotherly view. BOSHIE