Chocolate For Breakfast

Ok I admit it I'm a chocoholic, I buy chocolate for my husband and I and I see him hide his away. Once his car pulls out the driveway in the morning I crawl down to the bottom of the bed and make my way to his cupboard and find the chocolate and pop back into bed for breakfast.

When pregnant with our first child I would put a square of dark chocolate and a sip of sherry in my mouth and it was heavenly. Strange as I don't normally drink.
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3 Responses Sep 11, 2012

Chocolate,I love it to.I love milk chocolate,if I sit down with a block it's hard to stop,but I do.My favourite is mint chocolate and caramel and just plain old choc.It's heavenly.

I agree, I can't stop after a couple of pieces have to eat till it's all finished.
My husband brought home a box of Lindt swiss chocolate, it was a gift for a job he did for sombody and I had 5 one after the other and asked him to take the rest back to work as I knew I would eat them. I can only eat a small amount of dark chocolate though as the high content of coco gives me a migraine.

lol mpde ... I got back on my chocolate regimen .. I thought I would stay away from it, but my love for (a particular kind of chocolate) got the best of me when I was at the store. yummy.. I am actually getting up right now to go get a piece (or two. hahahah)

Enjoy, how do you eat chocolate?
I suck it and let it melt in the mouth to chew and swallow is not my style as I feel I have to savour the flavoure.

My favorite chocolate is from Trader Joes (a local natural food store). it comes in a tin of about 15 little triangles. I am a chewer. Not quickly though. Then the chocolate taste is left in my mouth and it tastes soooo good. I am going to try the way you eat it. I want to savour the flavor too! :) Hugs