Love Equals Chocolate

Bitter yet sweet. brown, dark brown, white..whatever its a treat. I never plan to eat, but sometimes get it as a gift. Then, I open the box and lift, each one a surprise, to discover the delight. I always smile when I bite, hmmmmmm ...what a life.. Yes.. what is life without chocolates? bland..just as love..this is an important extra..each day we have a routine and chocolate makes moments momentum..yes one follows another finger tip to lips..down to tummy and guess what stays on me for a life..just like love..stays on inside forever..
Love can not be bought whereas chocolate is made and sold. love opens and chocolate is wrapped to be last as a memory and chocolate too.
We get greedy for both..feel likes thieves...guilty too :)) but it is worth the smile and our life...
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And don't forget the white hot chocolate... you have to try that!

I was watching a documentary about the brain Friday, and it compared chocolate to a sensual kiss... Chocolate won out as most intense and longest lasting. lol :)

that is a very inspiring theme..kiss and chocolate :)

I want to check out their research for myself. muhahaha! lol

check it out :)

haha. :) I need some chocolate, and lips to kiss. lol

hmmm :)

lol Gotta re-create the situation, ya know? :)

recreate ?

I have to have some chocolate, and someone to kiss... just like the test in the documentary had. :)

good..chocolate is easier to get than a kiss ? i wrote a story on it..

lol yes, that's very true... but chocolate with peanut butter is best! Maybe I don't need a kiss after all. lol

butter is like a kiss ..:)

Definitely, warm and thick... it will stay with ya. lol

merge too

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