The Love Of Chocolate

Why did we have to separate??? Why, oh why??? You know I cannot go a day without you. But still, you had to leave. We agree to meet again, but not as often as before. Once a month is not enough for me. And when we meet, althought it is just for a short while, I do enjoy every minute and every second of it. Then we depart from each other, and I feel like I'm lonely again. I wish we could be together everyday, however, circumstances prevent me from being with you. I see other people looking, admiring you and I long for the time we could be together again. I remember the happy days and that is what keeps me living till the next time we meet again. Oh...the love of chocolate!!!! I love chocolate and if it was a human, I know, no matter what...I will always be with her. Sweet, sweet love of chocolate.
Kaksy Kaksy
18-21, M
Sep 24, 2012