Dove Chocolate Vs Hershey Bliss?

You decide! I think Bliss got the Dove recipe secretly and just reproduced it!! :o

I dont care, i still love CHOCOLATE!

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6 Responses Jul 14, 2008

BLISS W/ALMONDS!!!!! I think both taste good but I truly believe that Bliss beats Dove

I feel blessed since I can eat Healthy Chocolate and earn money as I learn all about the business. The cacao and acai are grown and harvested in a way that allows African and Brazilian indigenous tribes be more self sustaining in their environment.

I love chocolate too! hershey's always good, i havent tried dove chocolate but the comercials make it look like some kind of perfume. My faves are those limt truffles or what ever they're called o and chocolate oranges, the ones you smash and then eat when they're divided into sections. Delicious!:)

Now I love chocolate since I found a Healthy source of the cacao bean. MMMMMMmmmmm good.

im not surprised ! <br />
i Love chocolate t00=]<br />
:) :)

Hahah dun dun dun, I'm allergic to Chocolate. Wow my life sucks.