How Dove's Chocolate Changed My Life.

For as long as I can remember, I have also loved chocolate. Whoever 1st discovered the cocoa bean and made the 1st batch of mouth watering chocolate bars was God sent. Hershey's chocolate was my favorite chocolate bar growing up. One day, I saw a friend of mine eating a Dove's chocolate. I always saw them in grocery stores but never ever did I buy one to try. She said Dove is the best and I had to try a piece. I nearly shouted blasphemy! How dare she make such a statement because I knew Hershey was the creme de la creme of chocolate magnificance. However, I forgave her and took a bite. My brain went into overload immediately. How could this be? My world was upside down now. What was wrong is right and down is right. That was my 1st chocolate 0rgasm. There will always be a special part of my heart for my 1st love Hershey but what me & Dove share now is untangible.
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4 Responses Nov 4, 2012

I find the Godiva truffles are the best/

Dove is good! So creamy and yummy!

I love the little messages inside of Dove chocolates. Some of my favorites include: "You're delicious", "Happiness Looks Great on You", "Do what feels right", and "Take this moment and enjoy it".

Lol. God really wanted us to addicted to caffeine. I feel better now.