I quit smoking six years ago. It wasn't so bad, though i still give in to temptation and have the odd one or two if I've been drinking.

Ask me to give up chocolate however, and i will rip your head off.

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33 Responses Jul 22, 2008

off with their heads!!!!!!!!!:)

I love your attitude and that's exactly how I feel. I found out that I am suppose to eat at least 2 dark chocolate bars each day.......and I truly love whoever said that. I have it up on the wall so I won't forget. LOL<br />
Like that could happen.

Unless it's your oil filter... I can get you tools for that...

My filter? How do I change it?

Whatever you are typing is not going through! All I see is **** and now I'm curious....

Huh? No, you lost me again... I'm giving you pearls here kid...<br />
<br />
****! Oh yeah, cool!

Okay, you've gone too far right there... DATE them... stalking is illegal! It will be okay buddy, it'll work out in the end.

Okay... stop learning languges... start dating women... or men, whatever... experiment a little... keep your tantric hands where we can see them... and then, you will be a man, my son! With all the X tables sorted!

God! After all this "multiplying" and w*king --- I need a cigarette --- let's go Sleepless! (I'll buy you a beer, if it'll make you feel less guilty!)

There's another term for learning the table of 1... it's called w*king. Nothing shameful, son... we've all been there...

Aha! Move on to 2X tables! Problem solved :D

Well, that's not as bad. Chocolate is a lot better for you than smoking.

Well, doesn't multiplying have SOMETHING to do with sex?

Ha ha! 42! 42! Oh yeah...42!<br />
<br />
Oh dear... :(

Now cleaver sex may interest him... I don't know! :P

I'm not sure I want a cleaver anywhere near me during....<br />
Oh wait....<br />
never mind!

I'm not sure stupid sex is that good dude...<br />
<br />
...clever sex, that's what you want!

Don't get me started on the peanut butter again...<br />
<br />
Seems pleasant enough... *casing the joint*

Crap!! I followed Pricey over here and fell into the peanut butter trap! Every time I'm around you I end up covered in peanut butter....<br />
<br />
Kleenex, please!!!

What's shakin ball? It's all choctastic over here innit?

*Waiting for fallout of choco wars*

I am into Mr. Reeses...yes another country heard from....if you are bad there is Oh henry ha ha

uh... obvious.... Mr. Goodbar!<br />
or, if you're into female dieties.. Baby Ruth

A good chocolate IS like a religious experience...

*Smacks forehead*

Ever tried chilli chocolate? Niiice!

If only finding spiritual enlightenment was as easy as finding a good bar of dark chocolate...

I was gonna eat head with you...<br />
<br />
Okay I'm off... it's all too much... I need to take a long look at my life...

*Whew, attention drawn away*

I'm up for... oh no... no, no, no... I'm not going there...<br />
<br />

And fill it with chocolate... and then eat it?

I don't agree with it...

Oh man, why would someone ask you to give up chocolate? That would just be wrong...