Mhmm, Chocolate, Mhmm :d

Ah, chocolate is so tasty, so yummy and soooo goood :D

I love endulging in chocolate :P I eat chocolate all the time, I usually have a 50-pack of chocolate bars at home constantly :) and I eat in average 50 grams of chocolate each day :)

It is funny though that I never seem to gain any weight :), maybe I sport/run around too much :)

I hate dark chocolate though, milk chocolate are the best. But I better cut down on my consumption, 'cause I assume it is not good for the cardiovascular system if I consume too much chocolate :D

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1 Response May 15, 2007

I just heard this morning that a test was done with SMELLS to see what emotions, actions, and responses occured to clausterphobic patients getting an MRI. Chocolate CALMED down 73% of the patients!! Oh, and if you're a health nut... don't knock dark chocolate just yet! It's way healthier for the body. More pure; not loaded in additives and sugar. Just careful! The more pure it is... the more likely it can induce a B.M.!! =}

Bowel Movement. ;P lol