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I Don''t...

I hate chocolate.. a chocolate cookie or cake or something is ok.. but I absolutely hate chocolate bars..
deleted deleted 26-30 3 Responses May 17, 2007

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I've heard this before from someone else, someone I knew from my past told me she hated chocolate, and I couldn't understand how could someone hate chocolate. It's sooo yummy! However, dark chocolate is a tad too sweet for me.

I agree with you in some senses, I hate most milk chocolate. Most American chocolate tastes waxy and flavorless, mostly because the cocoa liquor percentages are much too low, and the flavor is really just sugar and vanilla! The higher end 60%< cocoa liquor bar are fantastic.

Mhmm, how can you not like chocolate bars? :P hehe, Everything with chocolate is good (although too dark chocolate can be a bit bitter)