Chocolate Is..

Chocolate. It wears many expressions of flavor, carved in all forms in your favor.

It can be sweet, petite, like strawberry, cookies and cream, anything to feel complete,

but it can be strong, rich, like chilli, mud cake, to feel you belong.

An essence of happiness, a delicious touch to your day. It's an escapism of life, support when life whittles away.

It can help with sadness, depression, when life gives you lessons. Anger, aggression, it calms the apprehension.

From silence, it brings sound, in the darkest days, ecstasy is found.

When your stomach growls, it's in the packet, temptingly waiting on the store racket. You delicately cradle the chocolate home, in your drooling mouth is it's throne.

Chocolate. It never plays dice. When you savor the flavor, it tastes so nice. Immediately, you feel your spirit takes flight.

When you feel like a little snack from time to time, treat yourself; spend extra pennies and dimes, yeah, that's right.

Hope you enjoyed it :)
TrivialxSilence TrivialxSilence
18-21, F
Nov 26, 2012