Page Of Lovely Chocolate

My list of rated chocolates. Please comment and add other flavors or brands that I'm missing. Perhaps I've tasted them before.

Hershey's. -- Great
Palmers. -- Okay
Gardner's Candies. -- Great
Dove. -- Favorite
Godiva. -- Great
Wonka. -- Okay
Lindt. -- Favorite
Ghirardelli. -- Great
Cadbury. -- Good
Ritter Sport. -- Good
Dagoba. -- Good
Nestle. -- Okay
Green and Black Organic. -- Good
Whitmans. -- Good

Added chocolates:
Russell Stover - Great!

Never had. Comment on what you think of it and whether or not I might like it.
Swiss Organic --
Newman's Own Organic --
Camino --

Please add more to my list. :-)
Neja88 Neja88
22-25, F
Dec 8, 2012